Choosing A Photographer and Preparing For Your Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot Prep

As your star begins to rise you will get noticed and when that happens professional opportunities will begin to come your way. As a professional you will be expected to have ready a head shot before you begin working as a professional in the talent industry. These tips for preparing for a photo shoot and choosing a photographer is the beginning to a great photo session.


There is nothing better than doing what you love and getting paid for it. Work will come your way if you present yourself with a photo taken by a professional photographer. To find a photographer ask talent agencies and your network of friends working in the industry who they recommend. After you make contact with a photographer and decide you would like to move forward it can be helpful to meet prior to the photo shoot. This will help you to feel more comfortable, go over ideas and the “look” you would like. It can help the photographer if you bring magazine photos of ideas and looks you like to get you both on the same page.


Pictures are expensive so be sure to prepare before your photo shoot. These professional tips will make sure you look your very best the day of your important photo shoot.
Tips to prepare:
Don’t change your hairstyle or hair color unless your sure to keep it for a few years.

Whiten teeth for a bright smile. Brushing with Baking Soda a few weeks prior can really brighten a smile.

A week before the shoot really pay attention to your skin. Begin exfoliating a few times a week if you have not been keeping up with good skincare. You want the skin smooth and pores as small as possible.

Be sure to style your hair how you would show up at an audition and keep it natural looking not “too done”.  Adding a fan to blow the hair softly away from the face can enhance features and add a little life to your photo.

The night before avoid anything high in sodium or alcohol. Go to bed early with an extra pillow under your head to prevent puffiness so in the morning you look rested.

Day of drink lots of water and exercise if possible before a shoot. Skin always looks better hydrated and flushed with blood flow.

If you wear glasses, including sunglasses, you must take them off at least an hour before a shoot to prevent marks at the sides of your nose.

Be sure to bring a variety of undergarments, hair supplies, makeup, water and a snack.

What To Wear
Avoid Distracting Clothes. The focus of your head shot is you not what you’re wearing. Be cautious of anything that distracts from your face.

Wear clothes that are comfortable and flattering. Don’t overdress.

Avoid clothes with logos or branding, lot’s of prints or stripes, very bright or have rhinestones, glitter or designs that detract from your face. White is not the best choice unless worn under something. Simple shirts or blouses in dark or medium tone colors attract less attention from your face.

Make sure clothes look brand new and are neatly pressed.

Bring a variety of necklines and styles as different styles change the shape of you face. Always better to have too many choices than not enough.

Turtlenecks and scarves are not a good idea as they crowd the face.

Don’t worry about shoes unless you plan to also do a full length shot.

Keep jewelry small and simple. You don’t want to distract from your face. In a head shot you are the star! No facial piercings or multiple earrings.


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