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Christine Dion

A note from the author Christine Dion 

The information found in this website and in my book “Rising Star Skills To Empower & Achieve” are the result of many years spent  following dreams, many challenges unseen and many wonderful experiences that never would have come my way had I not known these secrets.

A Rising Star is a person with emerging talent who is showing promise and growing quickly in popularity. Celebrities, Politicians and those in the public eye spend millions yearly on research and guidance to look and be their very best in public. This is called Public Image. This is important not only because it’s been proven others will judge you in the first six seconds they meet you, but because how you look and act reflects the very core of who you are.

A good public image opens doors, helps you feel at ease and more confident. People notice those with social style, charisma and grace. These skills help others feel good about you, want to be close to you and want to include you in endless opportunities.  Often rising success can be very stressful. Personal strength, a positive attitude, maturity, skill in handling difficult people and situations become vital tools for growth and opportunity.
This journey requires the skill of communication, professionalism, how the talent industry works, the tools needed to excel and how to perform within those guidelines. Understanding how to present a powerful first impression, social poise, and charisma are the elements of MODE and Mode attracts success!

Learning elements of Mode is like learning the steps to a wonderful dance. Once you know the technique, with a little practice and passion you’ll be able to express freely your own personal style with the joy of knowing your showing the world your very best.
Talent is not rare. What is rare is the courage to see your talent through. May this information inspire courage and help you reach for the stars to achieve your grandest dreams.

About Christine Dion

Christine Dion has been setting trends in the personal development Industry for over 35 years as an Author, Speaker, Columnist, Beauty and Image Expert. Her background includes: Director of John Casablanca’s Modeling School and new talent development for ELITE Modeling Agency, L.A., John Robert Powers Finishing School & Owner/Director MODE DION Image & Self Development Center. Christine has created many television shows and videos on self improvement. Other work includes, Neiman Marcus and Saks 5th Ave VIP programs, etiquette training for numerous children of dignitaries and celebrities, professional makeup artist for commercial, television, fashion photography and theater as well as creator of Mode Dion Cosmetics for the special needs of performers. As an author Christine has written hundreds of national beauty columns for leading industry magazines and wrote the popular book “High Performance Beauty” (Princeton Press). “RISING STAR Skills to Empower & Achieve” is her latest contribution to the industry. She currently speaks across the country designing production stage looks and educating new performers on Beauty, Professional Makeup and Public Image.


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Christine Dion cover of Dance Teacher Magazine


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