How To Smile For The Camera

Selfie Picture

Selfie Picture

How To Smile For The Camera

By Christine Dion

Those in the public eye get their picture taken a lot. Be prepared to smile for the camera with these tips for looking good in pictures and how to get a natural smile.
Look at photos of yourself smiling, with a closed mouth, open mouth, and from different angles.

Which smiles and poses make your face light up the most?

Which smile displays your other features to their best possible advantage?

Which smile comes across as the most natural, the most “you”?

Then practice in the mirror. Practice smiling? Yes!!! It’s the only way to see yourself as the world sees you!
It can help when smiling for the camera or upon meeting someone if you look down then look up into the camera or the eyes of the person your meeting. This helps avoid looking frozen or stiff and increases the energy and warmth in the eyes.

In pictures beware of holding your chin too high (nostrils) or too low (double chin/shadows around eyes). Most people look better smiling with the face turned slightly to the side at an angle to extenuate the jawline.

It can help if your mouth is relaxed. Try saying the word “Hey”or Huh before flashing your smile. Think of someone you love while smiling to soften your eyes.

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