Summer Skincare Tips

Summer Beauty

Summer Beauty

Cool summer beauty tips that take the heat.

Keeping makeup fresh all day in the heat of the summer can be difficult. Makeup for performing under hot lights is different from performing under the hot sun. When Summer is in full swing it’s time to adjust your makeup colors for the bright light and protect your skin from the burning rays.  These tips will help you look and feel your best when the heat is on.

Switch to oil-free products. To help control shine anything resting on your skin should be oil-free including your sunscreen.  Mode Dion Foundations and Powders are all oil-free.

Change foundation and powder. Adjust your light foundation by mixing in a few drops of a shade darker foundation. If your current foundation is only slightly lighter than your summer skin-tone use an oil-free powder one shade darker and with a golden undertone, to enhance features where the sun would tan like the sides of forehead, cheekbones, sides of nose, chin ect..  Be sure to powder down passed the jawbone and onto the throat to prevent discoloration lines.  Watch for under eye concealer’s that now might appear too light and not natural.

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