How To Stay Positive

Positive Mind

Positive Mind

It’s not easy to stay positive in a negative world, stay positive in a negative environment, or stay positive around negative people.

Negative influences
From the time we were born our environment has been shaping us. As we grow our families, friends, and others we come across all help to shape our opinions of ourselves. In fact we rely on others a good portion of the time to shape our opinions of who we are. Alert! There is a problem with this. Other peoples opinions may not be what we need and are not necessarily correct. Again everyone is unique.

Listen to others, learn from others, but understand, respect, and love yourself enough to let go of the opinions that are of no use. Even best friends who are not strong within themselves can sometimes misdirect you with negative input. Most importantly avoid negative people whenever you can and protect your spirit by recognizing a negative person. Protect your positive light like gold, so precious and bright. Help others with that strength but never let them take it from you!

Challenges are faced by everyone. Each time we overcome one we feel stronger, more enthusiastic, filled with energy and self-confidence. There are some things that may seem impossible to overcome. Realize this now! YOU CAN OVERCOME ANYTHING. If a situation arises you can always find a way to use it to your benefit, no matter how bad you may think the situation is. Falling, getting back up, making mistakes and learning from them is part of life.

Remember Your Gift Of Positive

Feeling positive can be your greatest inspiration. Discover who you are and what makes you happy. This may take time, but it will lead to success and happiness. What inspires you is what will make you successful and an inspiration for others.


These tips have been proven to keep you feeling upbeat and positive. Everyone needs a little reminder sometimes on how to keep your chin up and a happy heart.

Have gratitude. Even for the smallest gifts in life. Gratitude will keep you feeling blessed.

Listen how you respond to others and various situations. Is it positive or negative? Change your negatives to positives.

Watch your body language and USE YOUR SMILE!

Reprogram negative to positive in your mind over and over again. It takes many times to register. Don’t give up!

Feel it, don’t just say it, Go a little over board. Having a bad day? Wake up and say “What a glorious day!”, and SMILE! It can be hard sometimes to get started but once you do it can work (it’s all in your head).

Avoid negative people. All they do is bring you down.

Life is not always easy. We are here to learn. Mistakes teach us, so remember them and why they happened. Most importantly LEARN from them. Keep a log of your lessons. We all make mistakes!

Enthusiasm is a powerful force. No great moment was ever born without it. Enthusiasm comes from desire and love. We must believe in, love and desire something enough to make it our destiny. Studies have proven that truly happy people feel in control, connected to others, absorbed in meaningful activities, and of course are enthusiastic.

Discipline in the form of concentration and organization. School is important because it helps develop discipline which helps us to focus, gain information, and learn. This knowledge will help guide you on your life’s path. Our path is one of our disciplines.

Take action. Not moving forward on a goal can make you feel in a rut. Doing even one step to move forward on the journey towards a dream or goal can open up new potential opportunities as well as make you feel empowered and inspired to take another step forward.


In order to think positive and be successful we have to constantly remind ourselves of the positive things in our lives.

Start with this “personalized” reminder list and expand this regularly.






Now a list of positives about yourself. 






Whenever you get off the positive track go back and review these lists. It will help you gain back your focus. Repeat to yourself over and over, your positives (see your list of positives) so they begin to sink into your head and eventually your heart. You must practice this and avoid falling back into old bad habits.

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