Good Posture

Good Posture

How to get great posture is not hard but takes practice. It’s worth it as their are many great posture benefits. Good posture demonstrates your confident, poised and is more healthy for your back. Your posture is the first things people notice about you! Models, dancers, celebrities and beauty queens spend countless hours learning to pose, stand and present themselves with good posture.  Proper posture helps clothes fall better against your body creating nice lines for a slimmer longer looking figure.  Clothes look better simply because they are made for how we are naturally meant to present ourselves.

Check Your Posture

Are you hunched over?

Do you slouch as if the world is on your shoulders?

Is you neck in a straight line to your hips?

Is your chin down making you appear weak?

Are you sitting straight?

Charismatic people have posture that sends a positive attitude, confidence and pride.  When you check the mirror for your friendly expression don’t forget to check your posture as well.  While you look in the mirror feel how your body feels when it is standing straight and confident. Put your shoulders back a bit, raise your chest, lift your chin, take a big breath, and relax.  Be proud of who you are!

Tip: Remember that feeling for whenever you think about your posture but don’t have a mirror around.

Proper Posture

When following the next steps it is important  for both men and women to stand up straight and strong. Start from the bottom and work your way to the top of your head.  Practice in front of a full length mirror in snug fitting clothes so you can see your body.   Women… It can help to wear a slight heel to elongate the body further.



Standing  for Women

posture-standingStart with your feet and hips facing at a slight angle to whom ever you are standing in front of. Turn the upper torso directly facing forward.

Tuck your hips, pull in your tummy comfortably and pull up your waist out of your hips.

Roll your shoulders slightly back almost like you have wings and your shoulder blades are pulling together. You can also imagine you’re carrying a cape on your shoulders. Be sure to drop shoulders as if your exhaling This is a very popular posture position for runway models and ballet dancers. This position really elongates the body and  lifts your chest a bit.

Elongate your neck by imagining there is a wire pulling your head up from the crown. Align your ears to your shoulders. Lift your chin parallel to the floor. Not to high or too low just straight.  Ballet dancers wear a bun high at the crown to elongate the neck even more.

Place hands at your sides but not hugging your body. Slightly bend your elbows so arms pull away a bit from the body and create space between the two. Space between your legs and space between your arms from your body always creates a more slimming longer line. Express with your hands comfortably.

Standing for Men

Stand feet slightly apart facing at a slight angel and turn your upper body facing forward.

Tuck hips slightly and lift chest up and over hips relaxing shoulders.

Align ears to shoulders, chin up.

Hands at sides slightly away from body.




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