how-to-make-an-entranceMAKING AN ENTRANCE

Celebrities know before they enter a room or onto a stage a certain amount of preparation is required.  Knowing how to enter a room with confidence will help more doors open and draw others to you.

Here are a few of their secrets to help you with your entrance:

Take a moment before your entrance to take a big breath in and release tension out.

Remember your magnificence and remind yourself how powerful, graceful and talented you are.

Close your eyes and visualize for a moment a golden light surrounding your body growing stronger and more brilliant.  See yourself received by others with love and excitement.  Feel how you move with grace and poise knowing others admire you. This helps increase your inner confidence and the energy around you providing more charisma for your entrance.

Check your facial expression is confident and enthusiastic.

Open the door and pause. Gather your thoughts and enter the room or stage slowly, deliberately with good posture and a friendly open attitude.

Look out to the audience or room and make eye contact with a few people smiling.

When you lack confidence.  It’s important to remember, if you don’t feel like you’re powerful or that you are the shining star you can fake it till you feel it. This professional technique requires you to take a moment alone, preferably in private like in a bathroom or hallway and put yourself in a power pose. A power pose is when your legs are stretched out as far as they can go and your arms extended above your head like you’re getting ready to do a jumping jack. This will spike your testosterone (confidence) and drop your cortisol (stress), making you feel calm, confident, and self-assured. Another trick is to stand like the super hero Wonder Woman. Legs apart, hands on hips, strong and courageous. Do this for a few minutes during your tension relieving breath and you will begin to feel strong and courageous. This is a proven technique and works!


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