Shine By Building Self Esteem

Building self esteem builds your light.

How To Release Guilt, Shame & Self Criticism

Some people just look more radiant and confident than others. When you feel good about yourself it’s easier to feel excited and joyful about your life. This makes you someone that others want to be around. People will want to bask in your warm glorious light.

Releasing guilt, shame and self criticism.                                                                                                                                  Low self esteem often comes from self punishment. Feeling guilt or shame along with self talking a negative dialog will only dim your light and bring you down. Have you ever made a mistake and then found it really hard to forgive yourself? To feel guilty over a mistake and to punish yourself reliving it over and over in your mind does not help in any way. If you want to truly correct a mistake then you must find out why it happened and take action so that it will never happen again.
If you feel guilty for something you have done, ask yourself why? If you have made an error, understand and learn from it. Forgive yourself and move on with understanding! This is the only way you can release the guilt and move forward in a positive constructive way.

The next time a similar situation occurs, and it will, you’ll know how to handle it. Remember, it is OK to look back at your mistakes and learn from them, but don’t dwell on them! Criticism and punishment of self and others, which may include; lust, envy, jealousy, guilt, shame, self doubt, helplessness, anger, depression, hatred, resentment, impatience, only harms you. You have the power and the personal responsibility to stop it.

The mistake was punishment enough. Learn from your mistakes and let go of the guilt. Even if it is a mistake you have repeated. Just make an honest attempt to correct it! Only you will know if your intent to correct your error is honest! And that’s who really counts anyway!

Blaming Ourselves and Others
People and circumstances in our lives can sometimes make us feel very unhappy. Often we think that if we had only done this or that, none of this would have happened. Know that you did the best you could have done at the time with the knowledge and experience you had to work with. That was all you can do, so let the rest go. Some people and situations are simply out of our control. There will be people in our lives who are so miserable that they lash out in anger towards us. They may even turn to drugs, alcohol, abuse, cruelty and hurt us very deeply.

We are not responsible for other people especially if your intuition tells you something is wrong. If something doesn’t feel right then listen to your gut feeling or intuition. Sometimes the words people use does not match their actions. Don’t blame yourself when others harm you. Learn to pick up the signals that a situation or person is getting out of balance and get out!  It is your personal responsibility to remove yourself from others problems and situations that are not healthy for you.  If need be, seek outside assistance and advice from someone you can trust. Respect your life enough not to let others harm or manipulate you even if you love them.

Know that it is also your responsibility not to blame others for your problems. When you blame others for your own problems then you are not only hurting yourself very deeply, but also hurting the other person just as much. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR OWN ACTIONS!  When you are honest with yourself and others you will find it easier to feel joy, open your heart and shine!

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