How To Be Popular


How To Be Popular

How To Be Popular

Everyone wants to know how to be popular in school, how to be pretty, how to be confident.  Popular people behave in a way that make others feel good and want to be around them. You deserve to be popular and sought after.  You deserve to have all of the advantages available to you.  Creating popularity for yourself is a skill and a learning experience.  Dealing with people in all kinds of different situations and settings develops your social skills.  Practice these tips every time you go out and in every social situations. The impact that you make on those around you can make or break you!

Be Popular

This list is made up of ideas and reminders that have proven to make others more popular:

Show you care. Stop worrying about yourself and spend time getting to know others.

Make others feel important by complimenting sincerely and with words of encouragement. You can find something special and beautiful in everyone.

Be a listener. Everyone has a little knowledge that can benefit you. Ask a lot of questions, people love to talk about themselves.

Share experiences and knowledge with others. Be informed and easy to talk with. Be sure to share only fun, interesting information that could never come back to haunt you/harm you in any way.

Speak clearly, calmly and pleasantly. Low pitched voices tend to be more respected than high pitched voices, too loud is too much!

Practice a nice voice. Record yourself reading out loud. When you review it you will become aware of where you need to improve/practice.

Set goals and make plans for your life. People like others that are motivated. Start a journal, and keep goals, accomplishments and other positive information in it! Knowing your achievements creates confidence and increases attraction.

Be alive and enthusiastic.  Be sparkling and energetic even if you are tired, you can recycle energy with a positive attitude.

Be in control of your emotions.  If you feel like exploding, count to ten and take things in stride.

SMILE. It is your greatest asset.

Express yourself.  Don’t be inhibited, show your talents.

Say “Thank You” or “I’m sorry” if needed.  Be the bigger person.

Add variety to your life.  Don’t get in a rut. Break your routine Explore

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