Star CharismaWould you like to be more confident, charismatic, charming and popular?  What gives some people that “IT Factor”, that “Star Quality everyone feels inspired by and admires?”  What is it that sets you apart from the crowd? It’s CHARISMA!

This quality inspires others, creates excitement, gets you sought after and can ease your rise to success. Charisma is essential for anyone in the public eye. These tips will help you increase your charisma with the added benefit of more confidence and popularity.

Charisma is a Greek word meaning “Gift of grace.” Most charismatic people seem to have a special charm, a unique style and attitude that attracts a wide variety of people. When you first meet a person you know if they have it or if they don’t, it’s that simple. People with a lot of charisma are popular and get attention. When you take the time to learn the skills of being charismatic soon you’ll be surprised how quickly new opportunities arise and doors open for your success. You will discover more confidence and a a new found “edge” over the competition. As you know competition is in all areas of life and without it we would never know challenge and the thrilling feeling of achievement. Life is a grand stage and how you express yourself in life is your shining performance. So why not do it with a little Charisma!


10 traits proven to increase your charisma.  Be creative and adapt these ideas to your life. Remember this is your show!

Keep a good conscience. Your conscience is the key to leading a life of quality. It is the first and most important thing on this list. Your conscience can not be separated from anything you do. When you make a judgment that goes against your conscience you are going against yourself. You will feel it in your gut or your heart and your intuition will tell you when it doesn’t feel right. Listen to your body and feel how you respond to different situations and choices. Follow your conscience and you will be admired! Since charisma is about, confidence, inner radiance and strength, nothing can reduce that faster than guilt, shame or a heavy conscience. True happiness and success can only come from acting in good conscience. There are a few with charisma that do not follow these laws. They are the pretenders who charm for a short period of time before they are found out and fall from grace or worse lead a very lonely life never knowing true friends. Be true to yourself.

Be warm and show you care about others. Listen to others, give them eye contact, appreciate others, reach out. Put a hand on the shoulder of a friend who’s sad, give a hug to someone who’s struggling. Show gratitude. Send thank you cards, a thoughtful text or email to a friend to show you appreciate them. Bring flowers or a little something you know your friend would like. Nothing expensive just thoughtful. People will reward you with invitations, kind words and lasting friendship.

Be independent and don’t follow the crowd. Love and admire another person but do not live for that person or in their shadow, live for yourself with your own beliefs, opinions, and passions.

Be mysterious. Unpredictable, mysterious people have a fascination all their own. People love mystery. A charismatic person will not bore you with apologies and then blame or over explain something. No one really cares why you don’t look your best, why you’re late, didn’t finish a project, and any other excuse or explanation. Unless it’s a great story that ends upbeat, keep a bit of mystery about you, others will always imagine something more exciting or interesting than the real story. This makes you fascinating and mysterious! The less you explain about anything the more mystery you hold.

Become original. People who are charismatic have their own style, their own trademark. Choose your most attractive and appealing item in your wardrobe and wear often as your own style. What is your favorite color to wear? Do you have a piece of jewelry that you love and is unique or something from a certain era, or ethnic background? Use it to express yourself. Surround yourself with things that are you, as this is your own original personality and a style that’s all your own.

Have courage. There’s a saying “Talent is not rare, what’s rare is the courage to see your talent through”. Face up to self doubt, bad fortune, mistakes, losses, and rise above with courage and hope. The more charismatic you are, the more criticism (envy) and judgments (jealousy) you might face. Be proud, hold your head high rather than hide to feel safe. Be an inspiration to others and someone to admire. Those who are envious and jealous have not learned these secrets yet.  It takes courage to be gracious to those still finding their way.

Have Passion. Get enthusiastic and passionate about something. Do you love dance, music, theater, helping children, animals, sports, art, or the environment? Passion for one thing usually carries over into all areas of life. Those around you will feel that passion and become inspired. Get involved! Share your passions with others.

Be nice to those who serve or help you. Be giving of yourself. Listen and be kind to those less popular at school or less fortunate as you would a friend. Be bigger than thinking you are better. Do this and a warm glow will surround you as well as many adoring fans.

Have zest for life! When you dance feel the rhythm. Savor beautiful scents, walk barefoot in the grass, massage your skin care lotion on instead of rubbing it on quickly, relish the taste of your favorite foods, laugh out with enthusiasm from your heart. A zest for life makes you more attractive. There may be some who would criticize you, or tease, but they are afraid to truly embrace life and are jealous you can. When you know who you are and feel wonderful expressing yourself, you will not be alone very long.

Be Authentic. When you meet people smile and look them in the eyes. Laugh from your heart when they joke. Compliment others and truly mean it as you can always find something wonderful to see in everyone you meet.

Do these steps and watch your world expand as your charisma grows!

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