Dance Competition Beauty Tips

Stage Lips

Stage Lips


After interviewing countless dance competition judges, I was surprised to discover how much about a performer’s makeup these judges really noticed. Here is a check list of stage makeup mistakes they have mentioned:

1 . Make sure brows are defined, arched and extended properly, especially for the very fair or dark skin tones. Lack of an eye brow creates a “surprised” look and draws away from eyes.
2 . Skin tone on all ages should look even and natural, not blotchy, red, pink, orange or shiny. Avoid light reflecting Mineral make-up which can make the face look too fair against the body and extremely shiny under stage lights. Use a golden tone foundation not pink or orange toned which can look overly made up. Use foundation especially where cheek color is applied to prevent overly flushed faces. Be sure to blend down under the chin an area that rarely gets sun and remains light. This is an area judges often see very well as they are below the performer.
TIP: If your matte foundation shade looks to light against your body try a darker powder shade on top instead of foundation. This looks more natural and avoids a line across the jaw. MODE DION Foundation/Powder/Concealer Kit has it all!
3 . Eye shadow should look well blended and in neutral colors that do not fight with different costume changes. Avoid frosted or bright colors like blue, green, or purple eye shadow. Bright color is for theme looks only. Use three shades of eye shadow to look more blended. A dark shade to define at corners and through crease, a medium warm shade to balance onto the eye bone and a light matte shade under the eye brow and onto the eye lid to pull forward. Matte eye shadow works best. MODE DION Pro Pallet Eye shadow is perfect for the job!
4 . Avoid black eye liner all around eyes. This makes eyes look smaller. Eyeliner should be left open at the outer eye corner. Black at outer corner upper lid and brown to line under lower lashes looks softer. Always avoid the lower eye lid (ridge above the lower eye lashes) as this really closes eyes. White pencil there is preferred. Black eye liner top and bottom is appropriate for drama when performing Jazz/Fosse/Cabaret or for deep skin tones.
5 . Wear false lashes. They do open eyes! MODE DION Cabaret Lashes are the perfect length and shape,
6 . Cheek color should be well blended to avoid a stripe of color across cheekbones. Try MODE DION Stage Red for flawless color.
7 . Lips should appear full and defined. Be sure to use a lip liner to shape lips and enhance fullness. Lip liner needs to be blended over most of lips to avoid showing. Don’t forget, the most important part of the mouth is the sides. Keep sides of lips full for profile views. MODE DION Stage Lip Liner is the right shade of red/brown to add depth.
8 . Be cautious when using glitter and shimmer. Apply only to key light catching points and never on male dancers.
9 . When wearing a hat, especially ones with brims that cast shadows, be sure to dress up lips using gloss, glitter or a dramatic lip color so your face doesn’t get lost. Try MODE DION Sparkle Gloss or Stage Glitter for the ultimate glitz!
10 . When performing a classical ballet or any number that is ethereal, try to highlight with shimmer powder cheekbones and eyes. Matte faces looks plain and dull.
11. Avoid too much plain skin. When lot’s of skin is exposed on the back or midriff, add a shimmer lotion or powder over bare areas. For glitzy costuming, dress up your skin with glitter spray. MODE DION Glitter Cosmic Spray is water resistant,  has gold and silver glitter to go with every costume, skin tone and hair color. Love glitter and a savings? Check out this awesome Glitter Kit!
12. Remember the themes of your number. Era 1940’s strong eyeliner on the upper lid/strong lips, 1960’s black and white shadow /white lips or 1980’s electric bright shadow and lips. Judges get bored with the same look. Add drama and show appeal by mixing your look up with quick makeup and hair changes. Wigs and hairpieces can really come in handy here.
13. Make-up for traditional or cultural numbers like Hula, Clogging, African or Latin performances should stay with the look of that culture.

These tips will help you stand apart as a true professional and dazzle the judges. For more tips on makeup application technique, theme looks and quality stage products to help you look your best visit

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