How To Feel Worthy

Feeling Worthy

Feeling Worthy

Feeling not worthy can come across in two ways.

  1. Inferiority is the feeling of being an outsider, inferior or less than others. Feeling that you don’t belong and no one likes or understands you. These feeling often can cause one to be over sensitive and defensive.
  2.   Superiority is the feeling of being better than others. Behaving often disrespectful to others with a “looking down” attitude. Often this person is a “know it all”, too cool, and can be rude to those who attempt to help or serve them. These feeling can cause one to be offensive “who needs those friends anyways!”

Both these feelings come from a place of poor self esteem and from spending too much time identifying with and comparing yourself to others. Humans need to communicate and often in the attempt to reach out to others we tend to compare or judge how we are different either better or not.  No one likes someone who thinks they are better than everyone else, nor do we like people who think they are weak or inferior.

How to feel worthy? Remember each one of us is like a diamond. Unique and beautiful in each of our own way. How can you compare something unique to something unique? It doesn’t work! Don’t compare yourself to anyone.  There is no one else on the planet like you!

In the same token do not judge others either. Remember the old saying… “Don’t judge another till you have walked in their shoes.”

The only thing you can do is judge actions. An action that someone else takes, may not be an action that you would take. It certainly doesn’t make you any better or worse than another. Your life is your creation and others have their own creation too. Don’t get caught up is something that isn’t your creation. Let others find their way and only spend time with others who truly value you. For another to value you find moments to show your authentic self. Don’t be afraid to be in your full uniqueness. After all that’s what makes you so special.

Confident individuals are kind, gracious and comfortable with who they are. Everyone has moments in life when they do not feel confident. Falling back on an attitude of kindness will always make you shine and bring others to you with open arms.

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