Dance Competition Tips

A behind the scenes look from a judges point of view

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Dance Competition Tips

Dance Competition Tips Performer Should Know.

Preparation is always key to a confident performance. You may have your moves down but is your over all presentation polished? What are the judges taking notice to beyond your dance technique?

As an educator on Stage Beauty and Professional Presentation for performers, I had a chance to tour with a popular national dance convention and competition. It was through those decades of exposure I enjoyed the opportunity to get to know competition judges, explore their observations and ask “beyond technique what makes a great performance and presentation”? Here is the inside scoop on what judges take notice to and what helps you stand out like a pro.

The minute you step out onto the stage you are on! Make sure you enter the spotlight poised, smiling and in good form. You should exit the same way.

Watch facial expressions. Don’t make faces (look strained, lips puckered ect.) while performing. This can create a distraction. Make eye contact, smile and look passionate about your performance keeping your face relaxed.

Avoid mouthing the words when performing unless it’s part of the number. This can create another distraction that takes away from your performance. The exception is when performing a musical number with a singing or speaking part.

Don’t move music tempo faster than the song. Need a faster tempo? Find one.

Watch undergarments. Be sure they match and do not show under costume.

Secure costumes and accessories to avoid embarrassing wardrobe problems.

Don’t over do the bling. Choose two rhinestone accessories. Example: earrings and a choker but skip the bracelet and hair clip.

Keep hair off your face unless it’s part of the choreography.

If you make a mistake keep going. Don’t let a fall or any other mess up stop the show.

Keep energy strong from beginning to the very end.


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