Grooming Is Self Respect

Grooming Is Self Respect

Caring about your personal appearance with good grooming shows others how you feel about yourself. Gaining self respect is important as it inspires others to show respect to you. Spending extra time to look your best demonstrates you care not only about yourself but the effect you have on others. Being a person that cares about the details of good grooming shows discipline and passion which are two qualities needed for success. These grooming tips can truly make a difference:

Pampered Hands– Chipped nail polish or unkempt dirty nails. Your hands do get noticed as they are a place for expressing so be sure they look in top condition.

A Beautiful Smile– Your smile says so much about you and can make a great impression but be sure to check teeth in a mirror to make sure they’re clean from food and lipstick.  Your smile will draw the world close to you so keep teeth white, gums healthy and breath fresh.

Well Groomed Hair-Hair can detract from your face and cause distraction so watch for bright colored, dirty, streaked or messy hair.  For women too much hair on the body whether facial, on the legs or under the arms does not look well groomed. Keep excess hair in check to avoid body odor and create a nice appearance to your skin.

A Lovely Scent– Fragrance is very important for those in the public eye. Meeting people and engaging with many people puts you close to others. Having a signature scent and smelling well cared for makes a strong positive impression on others.  Fragrance helps with memory recognition and leaves a lasting impression. Find a scent you love that inspires you and makes you feel confident. Wear it all the time as your personal scent. Apply spray low as fragrance rises. Beware over powering fragrance can create a negative impression so use sparingly.

Be Self Aware-  Try to think if you were to meet yourself what impression would you make. Make a list of the kind of impression you would like to make on others. Practice and effort to become that person.  Become aware of your self and the effect you have on others. Self awareness is the first step to being a more considerate and thoughtful person. When you are aware of your effect on others, people sense you care, that you are someone they can feel comfortable with and this helps build friendships.

Too Much– Too much of jewelry, heavy makeup, bold style, big hair or anything that draws too much attention can increase the chance for a negative response from others. Makeup, hair and your personal style should always be used to enhance to help you look your best but not over power your good looks.  Especially when it comes to your makeup be sure to apply it in good lighting, the best being sunlight and always blend well. Watch for shiny oily skin, dark under eye circles and keep imperfections evened out with natural look foundation or concealer.

When you are well groomed it’s natural to feel more confident.  It’s then that you can allow your personality to shine through well received and without distractions.

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