girls sitting talkingHow To Make A Point

By Christine Dion

How to make a point without being rude and getting that point across so it’s heard takes a little know how in making the right presentation.

Presentation is the active part of communication. It is what you say and how you say it. Whether speaking with a friend, in a small group or a large audiences, if your presentation is poor you will not be understood. Here are some helpful hints for a better presentation:

Present your point. Make it clear and direct. If you take too long to present a point you will loose the attention of your audience (your audience can be one person or a million).

Wait before you respond. Practice counting to ten before you present a response to a charge, question, or opinion. This ten seconds is very well spent, it allows you to gather your thoughts as well as keeps the other person in line.

Have good eye contact with your audience.

Make sure your point is clear and organized. Well thought out presentations are the key to successful communication. Think before you respond to a question.

Avoid repeating your point. Your listener can become bored or irritated with repetition.

Smile when you speak. It helps your listener relax and keeps the conversation up beat.

Never attack your audience. Even if it’s unintentional. Keep your presentation light.

Don’t put others down ever. Especially if you are trying to get someone to understand.

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