How To Make Friends Through Conversation

Make Friends Through Conversation

Make Friends Through Conversation

Learning how to converse with others will not only help you feel more confident but increase your popularity and deepen your interaction for lasting friendships. Conversation is like any sport, you need to keep hitting the conversation back to the other player every time it comes your way. Give others a turn and your conversation will flow.

Once the conversation begins remember these tips:

  • Don’t interrupt another person talking
  • Make a friend by lending an ear. Use your listening skills and be the rare jewel.
  • Get the other person talking. There is one sure way to make a friend. Let him/her talk about him/herself.
  • Stay focused. Use eye contact. Who cares who just walked in the room, do not allow yourself to be distracted. It is extremely rude!
  • Add a few new words to your vocabulary weekly. This keeps you an interesting conversationalist.
  • Listen to yourself. How do you sound? Intelligent? Kind? Enthusiastic?
  • When telling a story try not to open with “I”, “me” or “my”.
  • Don’t talk in monotone, too loud, too soft, or nasal. Use your voice as a tool to excite.
  • Avoid pausing with filler words. Example: Umm, Errr, Well, Like, See etc.

Remember Names!  These tips should help:
It’s very important to remember someones name. A person’s name is music to their ears and should be used in conversation but what if you forget their name? Use the name of your new friend and use it during the conversation.  “Denise, how long have you been dancing?” or “You’re great at Math, Carla, due you study a lot?” Say the name over and over again in your mind if you have trouble with remembering names.

It can also help should you forget someones name to be sure and ask the person what their full name is. Usually people are introduced using their first name only, unless it is a formal introduction. Try when ending a conversation asking, “I’ve enjoyed talking with you so much, I don’t want to forget your name. What was your (full) name again?”

Then also give your name again as many people have the same problem.

You can also try saying, “Again my name is … , What was yours?” This also can help the other person remember your name. If you do forget, try not to make a big deal.  It really does happen to everyone.

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